What is the Homebound program?

Do you know someone who is unable to visit the library to due to an illness, disability, or lack of transportation? We are happy to help!

The Upper Sandusky Community Library is committed to providing reading materials to all of the residents in our service area. Holly Higgins honors this commitment through her administration of the USCL Homebound Program. This service allows reading materials to be brought directly to the patron's door by simply completing a Homebound Program Preference Form, which can be picked up at the front desk. 

Using the Preference Form, Holly personally selects books for each participant and bags them up for delivery by one of our homebound services volunteers. These invaluable volunteers provide delivery service on a two week schedule, though patrons are able to modify this service to fit their particular needs. Fines are never charged for materials loaded through this program so patrons can borrow with confidence. 

As needs change, USCL is devoted to ensure our patrons have access to the books they love. Whether it's a temporary or a permanent need, we are here for you.

For more information about this or other programs, call the library at 419-294-1345 or visit the front desk.