Trick out your Peeps for Peep-a-Palooza

UPDATE: We will be accepting your Peep-a-Palooza creations through Saturday, April 3.

It's that time of year again! Those iconic marshmallow candies have flooded the grocery markets, their Easter basket destinations inevitable. But what if they could be more?

That is the question the Upper Sandusky Community Library wants you to answer with the Peep-A-Palooza Decorating Contest. Whether it is Peeps for spring decor, a diorama, or an edible masterpiece, we want to see your imagination run wild! From the classic golden chic to lavender bunnies, as long as it has Peeps, you're on your way!

You can bring your creations in for display from March 17 until March 31. The creations will be entered and judged in two classes: ages 12 and under, and ages 13 and up. Three prizes will be awarded for each class so don't hold back.

For more information about this or any other Upper Sandusky Community Library program, stop by the front desk or call the library at 419-294-1345.