Make a Paper Chain Reading Log!

Whether it’s our love of reading or that we’re from the same community, we’re all connected. So the Upper Sandusky Community Library would like to turn that connectedness into something that we all can see. 


As we all struggle through self-isolation, here’s a project that everyone can do. For every book that you read, log it on a strip of paper and begin your paper chain. 



Below you can find a printable template (courtesy of Greene County Public Library in Xenia, Ohio). Print out the template and cut along the dotted lines. If you don’t want to print off the template or are unable to, you can make your own strips with whatever paper you have available. Once you’ve finished a book, write the title (and the author if you want) on the strip and tape or staple the ends together, forming a loop. Add a new link for every book you read - physical books, ebooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, and comics all count! 


Once the library reopens, bring in your Paper Chain Reading Log and we’ll string them together, showing that even though we had to part, we were always connected. 


Color Paper Chain PDF (printable)


Black and White Paper Chain PDF (printable)